What is Metafur EC™?

Metafur™ is a novel, natural, broad spectrum nematicide suitable for use on a wide range of crops.

Metafur™ contains natural ingredients extracted from bagasse; the waste fibre from sugar production.

Metafur™ natural aspects attribute to its increased safety when compared to widely used synthetic nematicides. Most of the commercial synthetic nematicides, including the extensively used Fenamiphos and Oxamyl, are highly toxic, non-selective soil pesticides that are classified as Class I products.

Metafur™, a natural, user friendly product.  It is less harmful to soil organisms such as Earthworms and to beneficial micro-organisms such as Trichoderma and different strains of Bacillus and Rhizobium.

The main ingredients of Metafur™ are extracted from the sugarcane bagasse via a natural steaming process. The organic source is heated to 100°C where the pentosan is hydrolysed to the soluble sugar pentose and dissolved in available water.

Metafur™ acts as an excellent substrate for beneficial micro-organism development since the sugar molecules contained in the formulation act as a soil enhancer.

Metafur™ is an organic, biodegradable product with no harmful residues in the plant or the soil.

Due to the increased demand for Low residue, environmentally friendly products, Metafur™ is highly praised by the agriculture industry and different research institutes.